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ArtbyRice’s Melanin Angel Wings Series 3


You’re invited to participate in our ArtbyRice’s Melanin Angel Wings Series.  This series is a portrait perspective art exhibit that will highlight all females, photographed and captured in a canvas painting by ArtbyRice.

All wings will be provided.  Models will need to come to the shoot photo ready with hair and make-up done, with 3 clothing options ( bodycon, silk, sheer and/or lace) with matching undergarments.) You can wear any solid color outfits to shoot. The more colorful, the better.  Models…These are paintings Artbyrice is creating. Artbyrice can correct with paint, areas of your body / profile, that you might not feel secure about.

These are private shoots, no guest please.


Models will receive their art piece (valued at $400) for their participation free of charge, if they sell a minimum (10) tickets at $10 each to the unveiling event on Summer 2020 from 7:00PM – 10:00PM; or they can purchase their art piece for $100.00

Sample Attire Images for this project