Melanin Art Series

The Idea

“Melanin” is an elevated artistic experience invented by Charles Rice. This one-one-kind art concept captures the best aspects of mixed media artistry, delivering individual expression with a grand celebration of creativity. Art becomes entertainment at Melanin events- the energy, excitement and engagement are unlike any art loving group can have. Melanin brings art and people together in a unique way by elevating social experiences with rich, enduring memories.

The Approach

In our practice, we either promote a Melanin theme as a standalone event or partner with branded event as a featured exhibition. Invitations for the event include an explanation of the Melanin experience: interested participants can have both a photo shoot and a Melanin Portrait of one of their photos. Depending on the funding scenario, event sponsors pay for a set number of individuals to have the photoshoot and a framed Melanin treatment of their image, and in other situations invitees with interest agree to sell event tickets in exchange for their photos and framed Melanin image.

The Plan

The ArtByRice team can assist with adding Melanin features to an existing event or creating a unique Melanin theme program that is customized for your audience. Typically, preparations and pre-event activities require a lead time of 3-4 months. Our team can consult on and/or manage administration, scheduling and execution of event details, Melanin participant obligations, pre-event deadlines and etc. Melanin themes are only limited by your imagination. Some of our original event concepts include Angels, Beards & Business, Mermaids, Dear Mama, Divine 9, and many more. See our homepage.

The Experience

We have found that the buzz of a Melanin experience attracts numbers far beyond our anticipated audience estimates. And, Melanin events are generally a good time- great food, drink and music always set the stage for the “reveal” portion of an event. FYI-ArtByRice’s Melanin portraits are truly works of art, typically rendered on canvas or vinyl, and they can hang in a gallery or become a showpiece in any home. As such, the portrait unveilings are some of the most electrifying moments of surprise, delight and appreciation by the Melanin participants- along with their wives, husbands, friends, fans and admirers. In many cases, we have had over 20+ Melanin participants (each with 10+ guests) at a single event. The audience frenzy is definitely the highlight of any event, and words cannot capture the power of a Melanin portrait unveiling. But videos come close! Check it out.

The Partnership

Whatever the promoted event, party theme or corporate experience, Melanin features can be customized to elevate any social experience. Melanin artistry can be applied to individuals, products, logos or abstract concepts. Pre-planning affords ArtByRice the opportunity to design and render samples of themed artistry for display, promotion, auction and gifts. We can partner with party planners, event promoters, art galleries, and venues anywhere in the U.S.
Depending on your planning stage, we can determine Melanin costs based on event location, venue space, administrative and marketing requirements, and the number of Melanin participants attending the event.

The Connect

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