First introduced in 2019, the Melanin Art Series is an entertainment company providing interactive custom art experiences. The Melanin Art Series creates social events where the custom art presentations are the primary entertainment focal point. This model for entertaining audiences lends itself to many genres, group settings, public and private occasions.


Prince & Princess
portrait reveal

We are looking for young children ages 6 months to 16 yrs old to participate in our “Prince and Princess” Portrait Art Series. Photo shoots will be scheduled in March.. Limited props like crowns, will be available, but parents are encouraged to bring items for the shoot such as suits, dresses, crowns, tiaras & anything else related to the theme.  Shoots will be held in the art gallery of the Lexington Lyric. Participants must come dressed and prepared for a 15-30 min photoshoot. read more

let us

Capture you with a painting, that will hang in your home forever



Meet Our team

Charles Rice

Visual Artist

Joe Goodwin

Lead Photographer

Maria Armstrong

Art Director

Brittany Sleeth

Event curator


“extraordinary lighting provided by joe goodwin

Joe Goodwin, of Joe Goodwin Photography,is a Louisville native and Air Force veteran.Joe picked up his first camera at the age of 6.
As a young adult,he displayed a passion for creating beautiful images with just a simple click of his camera.He embracing his love for photography by taking photographs used as portraits,product advertising,modeling.Joe has a knack for capture the essence of people living their everyday life.