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Original Hand Painted Acrylic Portraits and Original Hand Embellished Digital Reproductions

Be apart of the Melanin Art Series

The ArtByRice team can assist with adding Melanin features to an existing event or creating a unique Melanin theme program that is customized for your audience. Typically, preparations and pre-event activities require a lead time of 3-4 months. Our team can consult on and/or manage administration, scheduling and execution of event details, Melanin participant obligations, pre-event deadlines and etc. Melanin themes are only limited by your imagination. Some of our original event concepts include Angels, Beards & Business, Mermaids, Dear Mama, Divine 9, and many more



Joe Goodwin


Maria armstrong



Have your piece unveiled in LIVE!

We have found that the buzz of a Melanin experience attracts numbers far beyond our anticipated audience estimates. And, Melanin events are generally a good time- great food, drink and music always set the stage for the “reveal” portion of an event. FYI-ArtByRice’s Melanin portraits are truly works of art, typically rendered on canvas or vinyl, and they can hang in a gallery or become a showpiece in any home. As such, the portrait unveilings are some of the most electrifying moments of surprise, delight and appreciation by the Melanin participants- along with their wives, husbands, friends, fans and admirers. In many cases, we have had over 20+ Melanin participants (each with 10+ guests) at a single event. The audience frenzy is definitely the highlight of any event, and words cannot capture the power of a Melanin portrait unveiling. But videos come close! Check it out.

Prince and Princess

coming November


coming 2023
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Angel series

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Derby Series

Coming May 2023
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Get Involved in Upcoming Series

How do i sign up for series?

Look for sign up link at the top and bottom of each page to direct you to our application.

Do you have to be selected to participate?

We have a first come first come policy. As long as you follow up and follow the requirements to participate, we would love to have you.

Do I need a photoshoot or can I submit a photo?

We can schedule you a free photoshoot with our Series photographer but you are welcome to send a hi-resolution photo as well.

How do I pay for my portrait?

you can either pay upfront or receive tickets for purchase to sell to your friends and family (for unveil event) that will go towards the purchase of portrait.